General contact information

Doctoral Student Union (DSU) Board Members 2016-2017

Alexander Engström, Faculty of Health and Society [HS]: President
Camilla Safrankova, Faculty of Education and Society [LS]: Vice-President
Alberto Chrysoulakis, Faculty of Health and Society [HS]: Communications officer
Therese Lindgren, Faculty of Education and Society [LS]: Collegium Coordinator
Adrian Lundberg, Faculty of Education and Society [LS]: Treasurer/Responsible for memberships payments

DSU Representatives at the local level (faculties)

LS: Magnus Bergman + Marie Larneby (research committee FFN), Therese Lindgren (faculty board)
KS: Maria Persdotter + Eric Snodgrass (research committee FFN), Beint Magnus Aamodt Bentsen (faculty board
HS: Lotta Wendel (research committee FFN), Alberto Chrysoulakis (faculty board)
TS: Lars Holmberg (research committee FFN), Niklas Ehrlin (faculty board)
OD: Victoria Dawson (research committee FFN), Aleksandar Milosavljevic (faculty board)

Collegium chairs within faculties

HS: vacant
KS: Zahra Hamidi
TS: Niklas Ehrlin
LS: Sepandarmaz Blank
OD: vacant

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