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Doctoral Student Union (DSU) Board Members 2020-2021

Michel Anderlini: President, Faculty of Culture and Society [KS]
Elsa Andersson: Vice-President, Faculty of Education and Society [LS]
Magnus Gustafson: Board Member, Faculty of Education and Society [LS]
Hamza Ouhaïchi: Board Member, Faculty of Technology and Society [TS]
Roel Roscam Abbing: Board member, responsible for memberships, Faculty of Culture and Society [KS]
Carolina Robertsson: Board Member, Faculty of Odontology [OD]
Isobel Squire: Board Member, Faculty of Culture and Society [KS]
Communications officer: Marika Hedemyr [KS]
Treasurer: Vacant

Collegium co-ordinator: Elsa Andersson, [LS]
Council of Research Ethics: Alexander Engström (HS)
Council of Equality and equal terms: Ylva Grönvall (HS)
Committe for Global Engagement: Michel Anderlini (KS)


DSU Representatives at the local level (faculties)

LS: Sofia Sebelius, Elsa Andersson (research programs board, FUN), Aurelien Daudi, Emma Hall (research committee, FR), Majid Jaffari (faculty board), Rebecka Fingalsson (strategy group)
KS: Sarah Bodelson (research committee FFN), Johan Ekstedt (faculty board)
HS: Simon Wallengren (research committee FFN), Per Arvidsson (faculty board)
TS: Lars Holmberg (research committee FFN), Johan Salo (faculty board)
OD: Carolina Robertsson (research committee FFN), Marie Nordström (faculty board)

Collegium chairs within faculties

HS: vacant
KS: Roger Westin
TS: Alberto Enrique Alvares Uribe
LS: Elsa Andersson
OD: vacant