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Conferences and seminars

Have you found the link containing information regarding conferences in Sweden, as well as in other parts of Europe, yet?       –>

There you will, amongst other things, find information regarding a seminar of interest for doctoral students held by FonSyd (Forskarutbildningsnätverket Syd) on May 22. The seminar is held in Swedish and is called “Prestige och konkurrens: Doktoranders villkor i en framstående forskningsmiljö”. Read more and register here.

Lecture and “AfterWork”

The 7th of June at 15 – 17 the DSU invites all doctoral students to a lecture with Anna Peixoto at Niagara, B0308. After the lecture, we will go to a pub nearby for refreshments!
Survival of the fittest – A study of doctoral students’ habituation on the scientific field

Dr Anna Peixoto from Department of Sociology and Work Science, University of Gothenburg, starts with a presentation of her thesis about the university as a workplace and especially doctoral students’ work conditions at different faculties. The thesis from 2014 (written in Swedish) “De mest lämpade – en studie av doktoranders habituering i det vetenskapliga fältet” can be downloaded for freePeixoto’s presentation is followed by a discussion with PhD-students coming from a variety of disciplines and research fields.


It is important for us doctoral students to be represented in committees, collegiums and boards at both central and faculty level.

TS & KS: Right now we are looking for two doctoral representatives: one at the Research Board/Forskningsnämnden (FNN) at the Faculty of Technology and Society (TS) and one at the Faculty Board/Fakultetsstyrelsen at the Faculty of Culture and Society (KS).

HS: We are looking for a President (ordförande) for the Doctoral collegium at Health and Society (HS) to get the collegium running.

A doctoral representative at a ‘Research Board’ or ‘Faculty Board’ gets refunded 10 working days/year. As President for a Doctoral collegium you get refunded 20 working days/year. It’s a win-win situation: you get to help improve the doctoral education at Malmö University and represent your colleagues, while extending your PhD time. This is helpful for people that would like to do something else besides teaching or do not get offered teaching opportunities. Of course there is work to be done, but the remunerated hours are generous. (Remember that 10 days are 80 hours and this means two weeks of extension). All doctoral students employed at Malmö university are entitled to the prolongation.

Are you interested? Please contact us at:

LS doctoral students

Till alla doktorander vid LS (see below for the same message in English),

Doktorandkåren vill bjuda dig på lunch på MiaMarias onsdagen den 26 april, kl. 12-13!

Under lunchen kommer vi kort att berätta om doktorandkårens arbete, men främst vill vi höra vad du har för åsikter och funderingar om din utbildning och arbetssituation, vad du är nöjd med och vad som kan förbättras. Har du inga särskilda synpunkter är du ändå varmt välkommen för att äta lunch och/eller bara umgås!

Vi ses kl. 12 vid stora ingången till Orkanen och går tillsammans till MiaMarias och vi sätter oss tillsammans vid ett bokat bord. Kommer du senare hittar du oss inne på restaurangen, Nordenskiöldsgatan 19A.

Välkomna på lunch!


To all doctoral students at LS,

The Doctoral Student Union (DSU) wishes to buy you lunch at MiaMarias on Wednesday the 26th of April at 12-13!

We want to inform you about our work, but most of all we would like to hear more about your thoughts and opinions as doctoral students at LS. That is, aspects you are satisfied with and those that you would like to improve. Even if you don’t have any special thoughts regarding your doctoral studies, come join us for lunch!