The Library and IT Services (known as BIT in Swedish) offers great information on how to search for information, publish, get writing support, use reference databases (such as RefWorks and Mendeley). Check out the library’s website in Swedish and English.

Here are “7 tips for doctoral students” provided by BIT:

1. Publication services. Publication services is a new gateway for finding information on for example publishing your thesis, copyright and open access.

2. Search tools. Are you doing a literature review or are you in need of an update on available databases and search tools? Book a Librarian for an individual session based on your needs.

3. Managing literature references.We support RefWorks but can also introduce you to other systems like EndNote, Mendeley and Papers. Assemble a group of 5 PhD students and book a session. Get started using RefWorks and read more about writing references.

4. Getting hold of books. Post a new book suggestion to the Library or create alerts at Choice Review and get updates on new books in your research area. (Check out our Practicalities section for more info).

5. Save, manage and share your research. Save or backup your research on the University’s server. Try BOX (similar to Dropbox or Google Drive) for file sharing, file storage and backup. You can also access files from home

6. Software. Access software that is handy for you as researcher that is available for free via Dreamspark.

7. The library as workplace. Don’t forget that we have three different libraries where you can sit and work, read or have small meetings. The three libraries are: the library at the faculty of Health and Society, the Odontology Library, and the Orkanen Library.