Eurocard – don’t use your own money to pay for work-related stuff

Did you know that all all doctoral students who are employed at Malmö University can get an Eurocard to pay for work-related expenses such as traveling to conferences, paying for summer school, etc.?

You’re in charge of your card and the invoices arrive to your private address. After making a work-related purchase, you need to fill in an expense report, attaching the corresponding receipt(s) and the administration will deposit the amount so you can make the payment to Eurocard. You have 30 days from the time of the purchase to make the payment to Eurocard. The great benefit with this card is that you skip using your own money to pay for work-related expenses and the waiting time to be reimbursed. For more information and the form you need to fill in click here (only in Swedish). Remember that you need to stick to the budget that has been assigned to your research project so keep track of your expenses. You can contact your department’s administration to get an overview of your budget status.

Books, books, books!

Are you looking for a book that the library doesn’t have? Need course literature? Or yearning for the privilege of scribbling on your own books?

Interlibrary loan. Fill in this form if the library doesn’t have a book you’re looking for. It takes around 10 days for the book to arrive. The service is free if the book gets loaned from another library within Scandinavia and 150 kr from other countries. You can choose if you’re willing to pay the 150 or not within the form. The library will send you an e-mail once the book has arrived.

Suggest the library to buy a book. You only need to fill in this form. The library will send you an e-mail letting you know if they have accepted your request or not. From our experience, most of the requests are accepted unless the book is considered to be too old.

Buying your own books. Create your own account at Adlibris or Bokus, get a discount and receive the books directly at your office. Remember that you need to create a “företagskonto” or “organisationskonto” (a sort of business account) and the invoice will be sent directly to Malmö University. Create your account at Adlibris or Bokus. What information do you need to open this account? Malmö University’s registration number provided by the Swedish tax office (Skatteverket). You can find this info here for the people employed at the Faculty of Culture and Society (KS). You will also need the ‘reference number’ that you use when making purchases. (A reference number helps the administration know where to deduct the money from. As a doctoral student you will usually have an assigned budget and a reference number attached to the budget. If you’re working in a project, ask the project’s coordinator since you might not have your own reference number. If you’re still unsure what your reference number is, ask the administration in your department). Remember to use your official MAH e-mail address when creating your Adlibris or Bokus account. Once you have created your account, log in and buy as any other online customer. Bokus automatically calculates the discount you will get but you can only see the discount if you have logged in. Your books will be delivered to your office. Remember to take care of the invoice in Primula (only in Swedish). A reminder will be sent to your e-mail address once the invoice has arrived to the university’s administration.

Final tip: It’s a good idea to create an account in both Bokus and Adlibris so you can compare prices, availability and delivery times.


Are you looking for an article and you can’t find in Summon? If you know the name of the article and the journal, it sometimes helps to look directly for the article in the journal’s database. Click here to see the journals Malmö University has access to.

Still no luck? Request the library to buy the article here.

Access to Internet when visiting other universities

“Eduroam (education roaming) is the secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community.” Which means free wireless Internet access when visiting other universities and research centers without needing a local user name and a password. The service is available throughout Europe and in other countries. Check Eduroam’s website to see where the service is available. Malmö University also provides information about Eduroam in Swedish and in English.

From our experience, once you have logged in the first time, the service connects automatically whenever it detects an Eduroam connection.

Wondering how to join the network? You can find instructions for Windows, Mac, Android and IOS users in Swedish and English.

Business cards

Did you know that you can order business cards? If you work at the Faculty of Culture and Society, read more information here and fill in this form. (Only in Swedish). You basically fill in a form, print it and submit it to your head of department for approval. It takes between 1 and 5 days for the business cards to be delivered once the form has been approved. The invoice will be deducted from your doctoral budget.

Friskvård – or the benefit of going to the gym for free

If you sign up to the gym or exercise/sporty activities such as spinning, swimming, yoga, certain types of massages, among others, Malmö University will reimburse you for up to 1500 kr per year. You can read what activities are included in Swedish and English. Fill in this form, attach your original receipt and send it, via the internal post system, to “lönehandläggare, hämtställe 70.” Please note that membership fees are not covered.

Is something you would like to know missing? Please contact us if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.