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Presentations @ PhD Introduction Days

DSU – PhD Day – 20150311

Previous Boards

Alexander Engström (HS): President
Camilla Safrankova (LS): Vice-president
Alberto Chrysoulakis (HS): Communications
Adrian Lundberg (LS): Treasurer
Therese Lindgren (LS): Board member and doctoral collegium coordinator

Erik Karlsson (LS): President
Eric Snodgrass (KS): Vice-president
Claudia Fonseca Alfaro (KS): Communications
Zahra Hamidi (KS): Communications
Dimitris Paraschakis (TS): Treasurer
Erliza Lopez Pedersen (KS): Board member and doctoral collegium coordinator
Maria Rubin (LS): Board member

Susan Lindholm (LS): President and Information officer
Malin Mc Glinn (KS): Vice-president and Secretary
Banafsheh Hajinasab (TS): Treasurer and Responsible for membership
Margareta Serder (LS): Board member
Åsa Ståhl (KS): Board member. Replaced by Erliza Lopez Pedersen (KS) in July 2014.

Kamilla Bergström (OD): President, Treasurer, Responsible for members
Susan Lindholm (LS): Vice-president, Secretary
Åsa Ståhl (KS): Board member
Cathrine Albér (HS): Board member