It has recently come to the attention of the Doctoral Student Union (DSU) Board that the Faculty of Health and Society (HS) is reorganizing and possibly closing down the Department of Health and Welfare Studies. The current researchers at the Department and the educational programs offered would be absorbed into other departments within the Faculty. Doctoral students at the Department of Health and Welfare Studies have concerns on the impact the closing down of the department will have on their research topics, profile and focus. The DSU Board fears the decision to close down the Department of Health and Welfare Studies has been taken too quickly and without properly consulting the affected staff (including doctoral students). The SACO union is currently putting together a request for a review of this reorganization and plans to act on the issue. If you have any information related to how this reorganization has affected your situation as an employee you can contact Michael Svedemar, a representative for SACO, at The DSU will continue to monitor the situation and offer support to the doctoral students at HS.

Whereas a labor union like SACO, SULF or ST are first and foremost responsible for issues directly related to employment, the doctoral union can help with issues related to the research and educational aspects of a staff member employed as a PhD student. Please contact both the DSU and your labor union if you are a doctoral student and have concerns about the re-organization process happening at the Department of Health and Welfare Studies. The DSU Board will address the raised issues at the local research committees and faculty boards where the DSU participates in. E-mail us at:

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