What memories sleep in the soil of the city? Who created them? And how are they shared and transmitted, between people and across the intricate layers of space and time? Taking Malmö as its inspiration, the program From Soil to Structure seeks to uncover hidden cultural archives that go unnoticed amidst the ebb and flow of daily activity. Through artistic interventions, workshops and public performances, the city’s gardens, soil and concrete will be reframed as an alternative source of open data – where new and diverse stories can be expressed and recorded. Artists, urban gardeners, residents and researchers will meet to experience, discuss as well as taste a specific moment in history. Location: The Leonard garden terrace (MittOdla/Stena Fastigheter), Bangatan, Möllevången in Malmö. June 4–5, 2015. Last day to register: May 31st, 2015. Find more info here.

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