As the EU-election closes, we at the Doctoral Student Union are opening up nominations for a new vice-president. Nominations are open from today, until Friday the 14/6. 

On the 17/6 our sitting vice-president Angelica Wågby will be stepping down after a year on the post. We are immensely grateful for all of Angelica’a contributions to the doctoral student union, and wish her all the best in the future. During the past year Angelica has been part of representing all PhDs at Malmö University, as the DSU partake in most of the university’s decision making bodies. Angelica’s first-hand responsibilities include attending the University Board, and overseeing DSU membership. For this, she gets 50 days (yes, days) of institutional duty hours. Together with the other five board members of the DSU she has also had a hand in arranging two event series for PhD students (with the next date for our new AW series is on the afternoon 17th of June, more information to come).

If you are curious about the role of vice-president, and want to know more, please contact Angelica or Alicia via email ( or Please note that the DSU is also seeking a treasurer.

Voting will take place at the DSU meeting on the morning the 17th of June (9.00-11.00) in room Ni:B0321. This is an open meeting, and all PhDs at Malmö University are welcome to attend & vote. If you wish to nominate yourself for the position of vice-president please contact the DSU email ( or 

Best wishes,

The Doctoral Student Union

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