Over the last decades postcolonial feminist theorizing and queer studies have contributed decisively to feminist thinking. Scholars within postcolonial and queer feminism have explored the complex and fractured ways in which doings of gender and sexuality are at the core of nationalisms, colonialisms, and racisms. This course examines key ideas and concepts underlying postcolonial and queer feminist theory. The aim of the course is to problematize how gender theory can be challenged and developed with the help of postcolonial feminist theory and queer theory. Further, the aim is to use the theoretical and analytical tools introduced during the course in empirical studies of power.

The course is scheduled as a mini-conference over two days (in week 48), with lectures and seminars. The course is held by faculty from Malmö University: Malin Ideland (LS), Kristin Järvstad (KS), Paula Mulinari (HS) och Despina Tzimoula (LS).

 External teachers PIA LASKAR, senior lecturer with special reference to critical sexuality studiesand ULRIKA DAHL, cultural anthropologist and associate professor of gender studies will share their theoretical and methodological toolboxes.

For more information, contact Kristin Järvstad (kristin.jarvstad@mah.se), Malin Ideland (malin.ideland@mah.se). You can sign up here

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