The DSU board wishes you a peaceful Christmas, a relaxing holiday, and a happy and successful New Year. With this message we would also like to highlight some of DSU activities during 2015 and 2016:

What to expect for 2016?

Remember to mark the date in your calendar; another DSU breakfast is coming on 26th of January!

 All PhDs are invited to the second DSU breakfast and annual meeting on January 26th 2016 between 09:00-12:00. Our annual meeting would follow the breakfast event where the DSU board will present its annual activity report for 2015 and afterwards all members are invited to elect a new board for 2016. The details on the program, venue and registration will be announced later.

 Please note that DSU is still seeking nominations for the 2016 Board! This is an opportunity for you PhDs who are interested in improving the quality of your PhD education and would like to have a voice on important issues related to your work and research. You are welcome to submit your nominations at indicating contact details (Name, email, phone number, Faculty and Department ) as well as noting why you/the person you are nominating are a suitable candidates.

What did we do in 2015?

We are pleased to inform you of two proposals were put forward during 2015. The proposals both aiming to create more dynamic and reliable environment for all PhDs at MAH are currently being discussed within different boards at the university. First, as we had set in our activity plan, the goal for this year was to continue the work to appoint a “doktorandombudsman” at Malmö university. Accordingly, using the information and advice received from different sources the DSU presented an official proposal and recommendation for creation of a doctoral student ombudsman position at Malmö University. Second, the DSU formulated a letter on usage of English at MAH to improve inclusion of international PhD students. The letter highlights the importance of internationalization process at MAH and proposes some halfway solutions and possibility of using both Swedish and English at our work environment. Finally it is our hope that as the result of official conversations on mentioned issues positive changes and improvements will take place during 2016.

That being said, we need your support to achieve our mission. Looking forward to seeing you all at the annual meeting.

Best regards,
The board

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