At the Doctoral Student Union (DSU) annual meeting, held 2017-01-27, a new board was elected. The new board consists of: Alberto Chrysoulakis (Faculty of Health and Society, HS), Alexander Engström (HS), Therese Lindgren (Faculty of Education and Society, LS), and Camilla Safrankova (LS). Marie Appelgren (HS) and Adrian Lundberg (LS) continue as board members, Marie as the Collegium Coordinator and Adrian as the Treasurer. As President, Alexander was elected, replacing Ida Runge. Camilla was elected as the Vice President, Alberto as the Communications Officer, and Therese as board member.

The new board will continue the work of the former, to monitor and strive to improve postgraduate education at Malmö University. Issues earlier raised include, for instance, ones regarding a “Doktorandombudsman”, questions of AKL- and Doctoral courses, as well as questions of lacking internationalization (e.g. language issues).

One central goal is to involve as many PhD students as possible in our work regarding their education, workplace environment, resources, etc. Through our collective organizing and your experiences we can strive to improve our education and work situation. An especially important matter in the upcoming transition to a University status.

Furthermore, if you as a PhD student at Malmö University want the opportunity not only to improve the quality of education and work environment for doctoral students, but also gain meritorious experience via insights into senior decision-making bodies in the University, do not hesitate to contact us. There are still vacant positions at local faculty boards (Fakultetsstyrelser), Boards of Research (Forskningsnämnder), and Faculty councils (Fakultetsråd/ Doktorandkollegier). This will not only give you insight where most employees do not have access, it is also paid work in the form of extension of your PhD time (see Decision Ref. no. 68-2013/106 in English, or Beslut Dnr Mahr 68-2013/106 in Swedish, for more details).

Do not forget to become a DSU member today! The fee is 120 SEK/semester (click on “Membership” for more information)!

Also, like us on Facebook (Doctoral Student Union Malmö) and follow us on Twitter (@DSU_MalmoU) for more continuous updates of our work.

We would like to thank the prior board for their work, from which we will draw experiences and inspiration for the upcoming task of improving the situation for all us PhD candidates.

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